1. Taddas, you are in Bensheim for a month, now. How do you like the city? How is it being part of the VfL Bensheim team?

So far, I like the city. Not a lot of action or things to do here, but its calm, people look nice and friendly andI like to go for a walk from time to time.  I do not have much time to visit places, but I went once to the Fürstenlager, a very nice place for a walk. The City of Bensheim is also a good starting point to visit bigger cities in free time.

The team is really friendly, all guys trying to make my adaption easier. I need to learn the special basketball style of the team, because I never played that style of basketball before, but the guys are really helping me and answering all my questions. I hope to get in shape as fast as possible and help the team to win as many games as possible this season.

2. Tell your fans something about your home country. How is living in Lithuania compared to Germany?

Lithuania is small country with about 2.5 million people living there, but people are crazy about basketball. We have a lot of stars in the Euro-league and two NBA-players: Sabonis and Valanciunas and Lithuanian people are really proud of their domestic basketball.

The winter is cold in Lithuania, up to -15 or -20, with a lot of snow, but in the summer temperature rises into +30. Sometimes people are sad about winter, but summers are just perfect.

3. In which teams did you play before?

First I played in Lithuania. My first international stint was in Italy, before I got an offer from Karlsruhe in Germany. After that I played for a team in Madrid. Madrid is really an amazing city. This season I was on a short contract with the ASL-Tigers in Aschersleben (1. Regio Nord), where I averaged 10ppg, but when injured players returned, I decided to move to Bensheim and I am happy with my decision.

4. What are your goals for this season?

My goal is to win every game with Bensheim and try to reach my best shape.