1. How long have you been at VfL Bensheim? Where have you played before and in which team are you playing now?
    This was my 1st Season at VFL Bensheim. I played before in Mannheim and Idstein before that.
  2. What are your hobbies besides basketball?
    my hobbies when im not playing Basketball Im Watching Basketball ? . I dream Basketball … I even Eat Basketball … oh yeah, and I Love playing with my kids ?
  3. What do you like about VfL Bensheim?
    The thing i like most about Bensheim is the awesome Fans. And I Also love how Active the team manager(Alex) is with the team and doing everything to make sure the players are taken care of.
  4. What do you do for a living? Or if you are in an apprenticeship / study / school: what exactly do you do?
    Basketball is my Job . An Being a Father is also a Full-Time Job.
  5. What are you doing to stay fit next to basketball training? Do you do other sports and / or do you pay attention to your diet?
    I do alot of basketball drills but i also spend a lot of time in the weightroom and running on the track. I Try to avoid drinking sodas and eating burgers. Other than that my diet sucks. But as you get older DIET becomes even more important.
  6. Do you have a role model? If so, who?
    My Role model my whole Life was Kobe Bryant . I always wanted to be like him and wanted to be great at basketball just like him and inspire the younger generation like Kobe did for my Generation ? . Im also a big Michael Jackson and Lil Wayne fan. ?